Teaching a workshop at the Architecture School Paris-Malaquais (8–12th of February 2021). By Madlen Anipsitaki

I have stretched ropes from bell-tower to bell-tower; garlands from window to window; chains of gold from star to star, and I dance.

Arthur Rimbaud, Illuminations

In Fairy tales, Francis Alÿs unfolded his pull-over’s thread…

An essay by Panos Giannikopoulos

“ Feel then that I’m near springs, pools and waterfalls, all with abundant waters. And I free.
Hear me, hear my silence. What I say is never what I say but instead something else. …

An essay by Angeliki Tzortzakaki


“A lone island is part of an endless free-thinking and lost imagination. However, an archipelago signifies relations of un-relation between each island. Humans often think each island in an archipelago resembles the others. It is not true. Although each island forms part of a…

An essay by Christian Oxenius

What I am proposing to read Alkistis Mavrokefalou’s work is a curious short story of darkness and light. It is a story that begins with some of contemporary philosophy’s darkest and nihilistic lines about civilisation, western thought and even humanity as a whole brought to…

An essay by Christian Oxenius

Moving image, since its first use, has given artists and cineastes a tool to link the real and the phantastic, the experienced and the unimaginable, the monumental and the deepest individual feeling. The monumental and the individual, it is from this dichotomy that I’d like…

How Maria Sideri’s work and research confronts the archive as a space of action rather than accumulation

An essay by Christian Oxenius

In a text until recently largely forgotten by critics and historians one of the fathers of Futurism Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, with a light-hearted tone be it undeniably imbued with sexist and misogynist remarks, describes in under two hundred pages the art of seduction, for the…

Maria Mavropoulou’s reflection on the eerie world of our digital lives

An essay by Christian Oxenius

As most interactions these days, the conversation between Maria Mavropoulou and myself about her practice happened virtually. Nothing out of the ordinary in these times you may rightfully argue. And yet never has the virtual space been more appropriate to discuss someone’s work as with…

Some thoughts on the artist’s work by Andreas Ragnar Kassapis

In psychoanalysis, it is common for patients to repeatedly relate the same events. A slight change in the structure of a sentence or a word used mistakenly in the course of one of the many iterations can shift the patient’s…

Interview by Argyro Mpozoni

Art historian, exhibitions and event curator and collaborator of the City of Athens Culture, Sports and Youth Organisation (OPANDA), Christoforos Marinos is behind the open-air group exhibition ‘Unhappy Monuments’, running between 10 and 20 October at Parko Eleftherias.

Drawing inspiration from iconoclast Marcel Duschamp’s pivotal work…

An essay by Christina Petkopoulou

“So someone would have to wait for the perfect society before daring to speak? Or perhaps speak while disguising their meaning. Or altogether assume the risk and speak in order to lie,” remarks the protagonist of Theo Prodromidis’ film Towards the Bank of the Future


Essays, texts and interviews about contemporary Greek artists and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship Program. www.art-works.gr

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