Stefania Strouza: Othering time through sculptural gestures

“I step back from someone who is not yet there and, a millennium in advance, bowing to his spirit.”

Stefania Strouza, Image credit: Marily Konstantinopoulou
Stefania Strouza, 212 Medea (Perpetual Silence Prevails in the Empty Space of Capital) 2020, expanded polystyrene foam, plywood, epoxy resin, varnish. View as exhibited at AnnexM. Image credits: Nikolas Ventourakis
Stefania Strouza, The condition of (im)possibility 2010, wooden corridor, fluorescent lights, pots, plants. Courtesy of the artist
Stefania Strouza, Fundamentos Líquidos, 2018, bricks, wood, queen conch shell. Courtesy of the artist & MANA Contemporary
Stefania Strouza, Altepetl 2018, synthetic crocodile skin, obsidian, silica beads. Courtesy of the artist



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